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Our Sip N' Burp Babies

This is the list of our Sip N' Burp Babies, ordered by the year they were made. Included is what they are wearing and where we adopted them from. NONE OF THESE KIDS ARE FOR SALE. THIS IS OUR PRIVATE COLLECTION. As you all may know, these are transitional kids; some have Coleco heads and bodies, and some have Coleco heads and Hasbro bodies. For the purpose of convenience, these are listed under Coleco.


Courtney Felicia - 1989 - Brown cornsilk tuft, dark blue eyes, #49 head, wearing a cpk one-piece yellow gingham preemie jumper with a white panel on the front and white sleeves, lace around the panel, on the sleeves, and on the legs. Adopted from a thrift store.

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