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Our Cornsilk Kids

This is the list of our Coleco Cornsilk Kids, ordered by the year they were made (well, since we only have two right now that seems kind of pointless, but oh well!). Included is what they are wearing and where we adopted them from. NONE OF THESE KIDS ARE FOR SALE. THIS IS OUR PRIVATE COLLECTION. A star (*) by the name indicates that this is the original name of the kid.


Samantha Leigh ("Sammy") - 1986 - brown hair, brown eyes, #5 head, wearing a pink CPK sweatshirt with a white heart in the middle and pink and yellow streaks coming out of the heart, blue, yellow, pink, and orange striped spandex shorts, and white socks. Adopted from a page on the web that no longer exists (though not the same one that Jason Alexander and Michael Thomas where adopted from).

Sandie Natasha - 1986 - blonde hair, blue eyes, #10 head, wearing a pink CPK dress with little yellow fuzzy flowers printed on it and white lace around the collar, non CPK pink flower print bloomers. Adopted from an Ebay auction.

*Lenore Gizelle ("Emily") - 1986 - red hair, green eyes, #15 head, wearing non CPK pink couduroy coveralls and fur lined pink cowboy boots. Nicknamed "Emily" because she looks exactly like a friend of ours of that same name. Adopted from an Ebay auction.

We don't have any others at the moment, but as soon as we get more you can bet we'll list them for you.

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