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Our Coleco Babies

This is the list of our Coleco Babies, ordered by the year they were made. Babies were the ones with the bean bag bodies. Included is what they are wearing and where we adopted them from. NONE OF THESE KIDS ARE FOR SALE. THIS IS OUR PRIVATE COLLECTION.


Dickie Dwayne - 1986 - bald, brown eyes, #1 head, wearing a peach colored CPK knitted onesie with a non CPK orange jacket. Adopted from a thrift store.


Benji Stan - 1987 - bald, blue eyes, #6 head, wearing a CPK white t-shirt with "Why Me?" printed on it in rainbow letters, a blue non CPK bonnet with bunny ears, and white socks with blue cars on them. Adopted from a mission store.

Mary Amelia - 1987 - lemon tuft, brown eyes, #20 head, wearing a shiny purple CPK leotard with purple net sleeves and a lace panel on the front, a matching net tutu, and non CPK white socks with panda poofballs glued to the front. Adopted from a flea market.

We don't have any others at the moment, but as soon as we get more you can bet we'll list them for you.

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