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Our Mattel Babies

This is the list of our Coleco Kids, ordered by the year they were made. Included is what they are wearing and where we adopted them. NONE OF THESE KIDS ARE FOR SALE. THIS IS OUR PRIVATE COLLECTION. A star (*) by the name indicates that this is the original name of the kid.


Trenton Baxter - 1997 - Blonde tuft, blue eyes, #CP21 head, wearing a CPK aqua baby shirt and a white diaper. Adopted from a thrift store.

*Bobbi Amanda - 1997 - Black, black tuft, brown eyes, wearing a CPK footie romper with a pink top and lavendar printed bottom. Adopted from an Ebay auction.


*Wilton Darien - 1998 - MOB, stawberry blonde hair, brown eyes, wearing his original light blue satin CPK one-piece outfit with an attatched vest. He has all of his original accessories. Adopted from Toys R Us.

*Yvonne Ariel - 1998 - MOB, blonde tuft, brown eyes, wearing her original pink satin CPK dress with a white lacy bodice and matching pink satin bloomers. She has all of her original accessories. Adopted from Wal-Mart.

*Pattie Angela - 1998 - NRFB, black tuft, brown almond eyes, wearing pink CPK one-piece pajamas with a white panel on the front and white lace at the cuffs. She is a Wal-Mart exclusive playset baby and so is in a bigger box with many accessories. Adopted from Wal-Mart.

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