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Pearl - 1992 - blue eyes, wearing a pink attached footie romper with a white printed bonnet Mindi belle - 1995 - light tan hair, brown eyes, #MSK1A head, wearing her original blue and green plaid jumper dress with a white shirt underneath and matching denim bloomers and backpack. Ashton - 1989 - black, bald, brown eyes, wearing attached light blue attached footie romper with a non-ruffled hood and a yellow terry bib. He rattles. Henry - rooster, blue-violet eyes. In working condition. Hannah Charity - 1991 - blonde short curly hair, lavender eyes, #B22 head, wearing original Cpk blue and white checkered footie romper with attached white bib featuring a red elephant decal, attached red pacifier. Chloe Dehlia - 1987 - brown poodle hair, violet eyes, #12 head, wearing Cpk pink windbreaker, non Cpk pink, blue, orange, and green printed neon shorts, and white Cpk sneakers with pink stripes. Heidi Naomi - 1985 - brown hair, brown eyes, #4 head, wearing Cpk yellow satin twin dress with a white panel and buttons on the front and lacy white trim, white Cpk shoes. Jackie Dawn - 1986 - brown hair, brown eyes, #15 head, wearing non Cpk red dress with white polka dots and attatched white pinafore with flower decals, matching red bloomers. Daisy - 1993 - lemon tuft, blue-gray eyes, #DM(3) head, wearing attached half pink, half pastel bubble printed zip-down bunting and attached white diaper, has attached pink bottle. Hope Meredith - 1991 - blonde hair, dark green eyes, #HB27(4) head, waiting to be cleaned and restored.